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  Read your emails using Outlook by connecting directly to our servers using POP or IMAP.
Search Mail
  Use this search tool to make it easy to find emails in any of your folders.
Friends Box
  Once you receive an email and reply to it, the email automatically goes to your Friends Box for ready reference.
Read Receipt
  Notifies you when the email you sent has been received.
Mail Storage Period
  Set the storage period of your emails in any of your folders.
Mail Filter
  Organize and sort your incoming messages using filters.
  Identify the addresses or domains you do not want to receive mails from.
White List
  Set the addresses or domains that you want to receive emails from.
Auto Reply
  When you are away, create an email message that will automatically reply to all incoming emails.
Color Skins
  Customize your WebMail with your favorite colors.
HTML Editor
  Add flair to your emails with font style, colors and images.
  Create your own signature to add a personal touch to all of your emails, whether business or personal.

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