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  Read Mail FAQ

» How do I read my mail?
» What do I do with read messages?
» Will I be notified of new messages when I am online?
» What is SEARCH MAIL?
» What are FOLDERS?
» Why would I need to create a folder?
» How do I create a folder?
» What is FLAG?
» How do I FLAG a message?
» What is MARK AS READ?
» How much storage space per mailbox do I get?
» What happens when my mailbox is "full"?
» How do I open or save attachments sent to me?

1. How do I read my mail?
Once you are logged-in to Bigfoot WebMail, the Welcome Page allows you to see whether you have a new message in your INBOX, FRIENDS BOX or BULK MAIL. Click on the folder containing the message you would like to read. Click on the subject of the message you would like to read.

2. What do I do with read messages?
You can do several things with a message you have read:
• You can DELETE the message. This will remove the message from your INBOX and temporarily move it into your TRASH BIN. Once you're logged-out, the message will be permanently deleted.

• You can REPLY to the person who wrote you the mail. REPLYING formats a new message with the original email.

• You can FORWARD the message to a third party. FORWARDING is much like REPLYING, but it includes the original message you intend to FORWARD as an ATTACHMENT. It does NOT automatically define the recipient of your new message. Use the FORWARD option when you want to re-send a message you have received.

• You can VIEW/SAVE ATTACHMENTS. If you receive an ATTACHMENT from someone, it will be stored until such time you decide to open it. Certain ATTACHMENTS can be viewed BEFORE you download them (image files like .GIF's, .JPG's, .BMP's) while others MUST be downloaded (just about anything except image files or HTML documents).

3. Will I be notified of new messages when I am online?
You will be notified of new messages every time you log in to Bigfoot WebMail, but not every time you log in to the Internet. You can also click on GET MAIL while you are working within the interface. You can find it on the upper left portion of the Welcome Page.

4. What is SEARCH MAIL?
SEARCH MAIL allows you to easily pinpoint a specific mail when there are so many messages in your inbox or other folders.

5. What are FOLDERS?
A FOLDER is a sub-directory where you can store messages in a specific group. When you set up your WebMail account, you begin with seven default folders:

INBOX. All mails sent to you are automatically stored in your INBOX.

FRIENDS BOX. When you reply to an email, the message you reply to will be automatically moved to your FRIENDS BOX folder.

READ RECEIPT. Once an email is sent and received by the other party, you will immediately be notified through your READ RECEIPT folder.

BULK MAIL. The BULK MAIL folder holds mail sent from companies or individuals you have not elected to receive promotional materials from.

DRAFT. The DRAFT folder will store your message when you click on the SAVE TO DRAFT FOLDER function. This is a good way to keep files for reviewing and editing until you need to send them at a later date.

SENT. By clicking SAVE A COPY TO SENT (Compose), the message is automatically saved to your SENT folder. This feature is for future reference.

TRASH BIN. When you delete a message, it goes straight into your TRASH BIN folder. Once you log-out all messages in your trash bin folder will be deleted permanently.

You can CREATE folder, or choose to DELETE the folders you created at any time. The INBOX, FRIENDS BOX, READ RECEIPT, BULK MAIL, DRAFT, SENT and TRASH BIN folders are important parts of the WebMail interface and thus, they cannot be deleted.

6. Why would I need to create a folder?
If you seldom receive emails, odds are you're not going to need to create new folders. If you get a lot of emails, however, you're going to need a way to organize. Having several different folders allows you to categorize and store your mails in a system that you understand. Rather than rummaging through a folder with 100 or so messages in it, we recommend setting up several folders to straighten things out.

7. How do I create a folder?
On the MY FOLDERS tab, click on ADD. Give a name to your new folder and click on ADD.

8. What is REPORT AS SPAM?
REPORT AS SPAM allows you to move unsolicited mail that went through your INBOX to your BULK MAIL. Check the box allotment, choose the REPORT AS SPAM and click on OK. All the emails you receive from the same sender or address will automatically go straight to your BULK MAIL.

9. What is FLAG?
Simply put FLAG is a marker. It allows you to conveniently mark your messages for future reference.

10. How do I FLAG a message?
You can FLAG a message or contact to remind yourself to follow up on an issue. In your Inbox, select the message you want to flag by clicking on its respective box. Click on CHOOSE ACTION, then choose FLAG FOR FOLLOW-UP. Click on OK.

11. What is MARK AS READ?
This feature allows you to set a status of the email as read even if you haven't opened the email.

12. How much storage space per mailbox do I get?
You get 5 MB worth of total data for a start. However, we can provide you with as much as 100 MB worth of storage space. Attachments you RECEIVE (not send) are considered part of the total size. We recommend that you save attachments locally (in your hard disk) when you receive them so they won't take up your mailbox space.

13. What happens when my mailbox is "full"?
Once your space consumption exceeds its limit, you will immediately receive a notification email. You have ten days from the time the message was sent to clear out space or purchase additional storage space. If you do not, the system will automatically delete items to bring down the size of your box, according to the date of addition, with the oldest mail being deleted first.

14. How do I open or save attachments sent to me?
When you receive an attachment, a link will appear at the bottom of your message. Just click on the link to either SAVE the attachment to your hard disk or OPEN the file in the appropriate application. If you decide to OPEN the attachment, and your computer does not recognize the attachment format, it will ask you to select the application you would like to use.

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