August 2003
The Official Bigfoot Newsletter
Volume 01, Issue 12

Bigfoot Email Forwarding
E-mail Reinvented

One thing that sets an e-mail service apart from the rest is versatility. An ordinary e-mail service is one that you can use to just send, receive, and store e-mails. The not-so-ordinary version is Bigfoot’s e-mail forwarding service that lets you do more than the usual e-mail stuff. With Bigfoot, not only can you send, receive, and store e-mails, you can also forward, distribute, consolidate, and filter them. You can set the Reminder feature to send you a message on special occasions while the Auto-Responder automatically sends a personalized reply to e-mails you received while you’re away. If you have your own URL, the Permaweb lets you redirect netizens to your web site.

On August 31, 2003, Bigfoot will once again reinvent e-mail as we know it. Aside from increased daily limits and enhanced features, E-mail Forwarding has been integrated with WebMail, Advanced Anti-spam and E-mail Alerts. The integration provides the solution to the most familiar e-mail concerns such as mailbox overload, undelivered mails, spam, transmission of large files, and connectivity to mobile devices. With the new E-mail Forwarding subscriptions plans, e-mail management is more versatile and less of a pain.

The table below shows the complete list of features for each of the three E-mail Forwarding plans.

No. of Messages per Day 50 500 Unlimited
File Size Attachment 3 MB 10 MB 10 MB
Power Forwarding      
      Distribution - 20 20
      Filtering - 50 50
      Consolidation - 10 10
      Automatic Reminder -
      Auto-Responder -
      Permaweb -
WebMail Optional 50 MB 100 MB
POP/IMAP Access Optional
Smart Delivery Agent* Optional
E-mail Alerts Plan ** Standard Advantage Advantage
Advanced Anti-spam Optional Optional
24x7 Customer Support by
E-mail (
3rd Party Marketing E-mails Yes No No
PRICE FREE $9.95/qtr $19.95/qtr

*Bigfoot’s Smart Delivery Agent will automatically forward a copy of the undelivered mail to your WebMail account so you’ll never lose e-mails.

** With E-mail Alerts, the user is alerted on a new incoming mail through his mobile phone. Basic subscribers are automatically enrolled in the Standard Alerts plan. This plan includes 2 message filtering options and 2 mobile phone forwarding options.

Premium and Ultra subscribers are automatically enrolled in the Advantage Alerts plan. This plan allows the user to set up a maximum of 5 message filtering options and forward alerts to up to 5 mobile phones.


Question of the Month

What IS DNS Management?

DNS is generally considered an acronym for Domain Name System, but it can also be used to denote Domain Name Server.

Every computer has an Internet Protocol address composed of several numbers, which they use to communicate with one another. But they also have domain names so they could easily be remembered. For example, the machine that humans refer to as has the IP address What the DNS does is, every time you use a domain name, it translates that domain name into the machine-readable IP address.

DNS Management is a tool that allows you to manage the DNS Records of your domain. You can edit your DNS settings such as Name Server records, IP records, Alias records, MX records and SOA records. If you are a Bigfoot Domain subscriber you can access the DNS Management service for FREE!

For more information on DNS and Bigfoot Domain’s other power tools, visit Bigfoot Domain today.

Anti-spam Update

Do-not-spam Registry

Bigfoot Anti-spam Solution has been keeping track of developments in the fight against spam. Here's an update on the latest news.

Spam nowadays is not just a source of irritation. It is fast becoming a tool for crime. More and more fraudulent e-mails abound which are designed to steal the identity of unsuspecting Internet users. The steady increase in complaints about these scams has prompted the U.S. Senate and Congress to consider several anti-spam bills to help solve the worsening spam problem.

One such bill is the spam Act authored by New York Senator Charles E. Schumer. He proposes to create a Do-Not-spam list with the names of people who do not want to receive commercial e-mails. With the popularity of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s Do-Not-Call registry, many saw the creation of this list as a way to stop the barrage of unwanted e-mail advertising. But as it gains public support, the bill faces more hurdles in the legislative body as debates on its merits continue.

Nevertheless, Bigfoot commends the efforts of those who try to restore confidence in e-mail use. Bigfoot believes that the more people who support legitimate means of fighting spam, the sooner this problem would be eradicated.

What's New @ BIGFOOT?

Bigger and Better Bigfoot Messaging

Bigfoot Messaging
introduces a new site equipped with additional features and functionalities that will put a smile on all SMS subscribers' faces. The site sports a new look and feel, having undergone cosmetic changes for more aesthetic pleasure.
One of the more subtle but substantial changes is the migration from .php to .jsp technology. This may not have an immediate and noticeable impact on the web experience of Bigfoot Messaging subscribers, but the change in technology makes system maintenance and upgrades easier and more scalable.

The Bigfoot Messaging new site also highlights a completely improved navigation system, allowing site visitors to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. The site has been broken down into separate accessible areas, each dedicated to specific products - Web SMS, SMS Manager, SMS Gateway and E-mail Alerts.

Visit the new Bigfoot Messaging site today and experience the difference.

Coming Soon

Conference Calling Made Easier

Good news to all conference call users! Bigfoot Conference Call has a new service in the works called the Tray Application Call Manager, a downloadable windows application that allows you to make conference calls right away without the use of a web browser.

The Call Manager only allows Dial-Out Conferencing as for now, but subscribers can still benefit from its unique features. For one, users can now avail of the two-way calling special rate. Unlike regular conferencing services, you only pay the applicable call charges for the call you made, and not the regular rates charged per participant.

Another thing, subscribers can take advantage of the new “View My Screen” feature that allows the participant/s to view the host’s computer screen during the call. A pop-up window will prompt participants to log on to a URL, enter a call ID and password, and then they’d be able to see everything in the host’s screen in their own computers – a very ideal tool for web presentations.

The Tray Application Call Manager is expected to come out sometime next month, so watch out for its release.

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